Spring Training Schedule

All registered players of all levels and category (A&B -Atom to Midget) are asked to attend spring training, this will allows us to meet the players and  make well balanced teams.

Player must be registered to attend spring training.

We thank you for your understanding that no registrations will be accepted during the tryout days.

We would like to thank everyone that participated in the tryouts this weekend. Level “B” training will continue soon, due to the inclement weather, many playing fields are not available. Please continue to consult the website for updates.

Please see the lists below for the list of players invited to continue with level “A” tryouts:

Level “A” Tryouts


Click Here: For Atome players

Click Here: For Mosquito players

Click Here: For Midget players

Tuesday May 1st 2018

Atom 6pm-7:30pm Alexander 2 Park

Mosquito 6:15pm-8:00pm Agaron Park
Midget 6:15pm-8:00pm  Jonathan Wilson Park


Level “A” Tryouts


For Atome players (to be announced)

Click Here: For Peewee players

Click Here: For Bantam players

Wednesday May 2nd 2018

Atom 6pm-7:30pm Alexander 2 Park

Peewee 6:15pm-8:00pm Agaron Park
Bantam 6:15pm-8:00pm  Jonathan Wilson Park