Schedule a Practice

Please verify park schedule before booking a park Park schedule (menu above)

A request for a park must be sent no later than Tuesday for l’ile bizard parks and for Pierrefonds parks must be in by Wednesday.  You will be booking from Wednesday to Tuesday for l’ile bizard parks and Thursday to the following Wednesday for Pierrefonds parks to Heather at
Practices may be booked up to 2 weeks in advance (except Bantam who may book up to 1 month).

Any practices booked after that must be confirmed via the park schedules, and the park attendant must be called by the coaches (numbers under park schedules) to advise them to add the practice to their schedules or your will not have the field set up for you.

If you cancel a game or practice you must advise the park scheduler.


  • ALEXANDER 1-Atom,Mosquito & Peewee
  • ALEXANDER 2 Novice-Atom (No lights)
  • ARAGON–Atom,Mosquito & Peewee (No lights)
  • BROOK1–Bantam & Midget (Other levels only if Bantam,Midget booked)
  • BROOK2–Atom,Mosquito,Peewee & Bantam
  • BROOK3–Atom (No lights)
  • EUGENE D’OSTIE–Atom, Mosquito & Peewee
  • JONATHAN WILSON-Atom,Mosquito & Peewee (No lights)
  • GRIER–Atom,Mosquito & Peewee
  • SPRINGATE-Midget & Junior

**Note Eugene D’Ostie available MON,WED,FRI evening and is now available until 12pm on Saturdays. Shows AVAIL TO PFDS BASEBALL on schedule.