Equipment Return


Dear volunteer,

Pierrefonds Baseball wishes to thank you for having accepted to take care of verifying and cleaning your team’s equipment.  Your help is deeply appreciated.

What to do?

  1. Empty the equipment bag outside and shake off everything to remove excess dirt, sand, red clay.
  2. (Except Atom B) Put the two chest protectors (attach straps properly first) and the bats bag in a front loading washing machine. Wash in normal cycle, warm water with regular detergent. Remove promptly and hang to dry. Do not put in the dryer.
  3. Turn the equipment bag half way inside out and put it in a front loading washing machine together with the empty ball’s bag. Wash in normal cycle, warm water with regular detergent. Remove promptly and hang to dry. Do not put in the dryer. If the equipment bag has side pockets, please make sure they are completely dry before putting any equipment back inside.
  4. Take a damp soft cloth and clean the two catcher’s helmet inside and outside. Please do the best you can, it’s for our kid’s heads and faces! Please tighten any loose screws.  A wipe with some furniture polish will help keep the dirt off and make it shine.
  5. Take both sets of legs guards and clean them all around with a damp cloth. You will probably need to rinse the cloth more than once. Try to get them as clean as you can. Let them dry completely.
  6. Take both catcher’s gloves and clean excess dirt with a barely damp Sand/red clay accumulates inside the fingers. Please clean them the best you can.
  7. Please take note of any damaged piece of equipment, missing parts/pieces. A list of the contents of your team’s equipment bag is provided with these instructions.
  8. Clean the bats with a damp cloth. Most of the Pierrefonds Baseball bats are identified with a label (ex: PFDS 11 / 28” -10 ) Check with your team members if everyone has taken back their own bats they might have left in the equipment bag. Check with the equipment list that you have all of Pierrefonds Baseball bats and put them back in the bats bag. Note any damaged bats.
  9. Count and put all hard balls back in the ball’s bag. You should normally have at least 20 balls. You may also put in it any new balls left (keep them in their plastic bag) Make sure balls and bag are completely dry.
  10. Count and put all wiffle and yellow balls in one of the side pockets of the equipment bag or in the bag provided for these balls.
  11. Make sure the leg guards, catcher’s helmets, catcher’s gloves and chest protectors are completely dry and put them in the main compartment of the equipment bag.
  12. If you had a First Aid Kit and/or Ice Packs blue bag, please put them in the bag as well.
  13. If you have any questions or when you are ready to return your equipment, please contact the Pierrefonds Baseball Equipment Manager to take an appointment.
  14. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes for your equipment return appointment. You will go through all equipment with the equipment manager so he can properly note what needs to be repaired, replaced or any comments/suggestions you may have.

Once again, thank you for your valuable help. It’s all for our kids!