Cancel / Reschedule a game

Procedure to cancel / reschedule a game

Cancel a game

The home team is responsible to cancel a game.

  • In the best of scenarios, the decision is made around 4:30pm / 5pm.
  • Go to the park (or ask an assistant or a parent) to verify the field condition and make a decision.

If you decide to cancel a game, follow these steps in that order:

  1. Notify the opposing coach (see coaching directory here :
  2. Notify your team.
  3. Notify Marina to cancel the umpires at (514) 942-6440.
  4. Notify Zarouhi to cancel the scorekeeper at (514) 830-4799 or at (514) 626-4799.
  5. Notify Heather to cancel the field reservation at (514) 663-3180.
  6. Notify the LSL league at :

Reschedule a game

The home team is responsible to reschedule a game.

  • You have 7 days to reschedule the game.
  • You have 15 days to replay the game.
  • Sometimes, 15 days to replay the game is impossible.  You will have to explain the reason to the league by contacting Brad Horner

Follow the steps in this order:

  1. Pick a date with the opposing team.
  2. Check the park’s availability
  3. Notify Heather to book the park at:
  4. Notify Marina to book the umpires at:
  5. Notify Zarouhi to book a scorekeeper at:

Notify the LSL league at :